The Podcast Suite at Stunner Studios is now available to rent. We provide you with, 4 professional Zoom dynamic microphones, 4 pro Zoom headphones, professional mixing gear with 4 separate audio tracks, and the capability of having up to 2 cell phone callers simultaneously on 2 separate audio tracks. We also give you the option of having your podcast video recorded with 2-3 separate HD camera angles. Everything is recorded on an SD card.

  • 4 Professional Dynamic Zoom Mics
  • 4 Pro Zoom Headphones
  • Multi-Track Zoom Mixer
  • 2 Simultaneous Cell Phone Caller Capability
  • 3 Camera Angles (Optional) Go Pro 9, Go Pro 7, and Sony A Mirrorless
  • Audio On Separate Track Files (On SD Card)
  • Alexa Speaker
  • High-Speed Business Wifi
  • Flat Screen Tv Display Monitor

PodCast Suite rental starts at $65 an hour for audio only, and $75 an hour with video. If you need editing of audio and video, there is an additional $75 editing fee.